Viking gods: thor and loki


A new slot machine game in town called Viking Gods: Thor And Loki are making its way to casinos around the United States this April. The 5-reel, fifteen-payout slot offers Thor with his mighty hammer and Loki with his flaming horned helmet as the main icons. So, to help you get more information on the slot machine game, we have prepared a Viking Gods: Thor And Loki slot review for you. Read on to find out more.

First, let's discuss how much to expect before each of the three encounters in Vikings. Each of these challenges come with a different icon and they will rotate randomly every time you switch slots. For example, if you face Thor and he is the god of thunder, then his icon will be the eye of the sky instead of the hammer. You can also obtain more free spins on this slot machine by paying coins that are inserted after winning on one of the previous two encounters.

Before going into the final battle between the good gods and the bad gods, you have to first complete all the other encounters. These include finding the three treasure chests guarded by the three Vikings. Each chest contains a single random metal coin which is inserted after you have won on one of the previous three spins. This means that you have to play through the entire game with just one coin so it will take some time to win on all three. The best part about this Viking gods feature is that you get a chance to win a free spin on each of the machines during the process, so you get to practice your playing skills.