Regal beasts


Regal beasts is easily the most advanced slot machine on the market, but that’s not even its strongest point. It’s a highly attractive game, but ultimately it’s no match for Blackjack, Craps or Keno. However, because it is based around a movie it can sometimes have a slightly skewed perception due to being “inspired by” that film. Still, even if you don’t care for the film itself, it’s still a fun slot machine and definitely worth a look.

Regal Beasts is a relatively simple slot game that uses a base game of luck and chance. It has several nice features including the free spinning rounds which give it a bit more excitement than its competitors. It also has four double symbols on its reels, which is the only similarity to the other slots games on the market right now. The base game is fairly simple, and deals with getting five cards from the two jacks before spinning.

The nice part about this game is that the symbols on the reels to match the symbols on the slots. So you know exactly what symbols you are dealing with and the chances of hitting something are better. Another nice feature is that the game doesn’t have a tutorial, but instead offers you the opportunity to watch a video to get a quick overview of how to play. I’m not going to go into the technical details of how the game works here, just want to discuss the basics of how the Regal Beasts system works. It starts with a single symbol, and it adds another symbol onto the end of the second symbol, getting you to the maximum number of coins possible.

Once you have all the coins, you spin the reels and choose your symbols. A nice smooth transition takes place from one reel to the next, transitioning from one symbol to the next. At this point you can pick the number of coins to earn. This is where the real fun stuff starts. If you guessed the triple combination, well guess again, because it is there for you to uncover.

Now you must match up the symbols in the treble column to their corresponding pairs in the double column. You win points if you can make your pair, or you will lose points if you match either a single or double symbol. As you progress through the levels, more symbols will pop up until you eventually reach the goal, which is to earn the golden orb. The payout is nice here, because not only do you get the usual nice payout, but you also earn coins for every symbol you match. Coins can then be spent on buying upgrades for your deck or used to redeem bonuses on the site.

After winning the treble round, you are allowed to move on to the second round, where you will have a chance to match three symbols with a double or single symbol. Again, you win points based on your highest winning combination and lose points if you match any other symbol. And finally, the wilds symbol will appear and will force you to think like a real pirate. When all pairs of symbols are revealed, your goal is to build a chain that links the first symbol in the wilds to the last symbol in the line. Matching correctly will earn you bonuses, and failing will result in a trip back to the beginning.