Mining fever

If you seek adventure and desire to see what lays hidden within devious mines, then you will definitely love Mining Fever, soon to be hitting your favorite online casino! Mining for Gold and striking gold with mining fever is an exciting game that follows characters Thundar, Driller and Bombur, three miners who are by nature not afraid to seek out the face of peril in their quest for gold and fortune. In this game, you are cast as one of these unlikely heroes who must strive to overcome obstacles along the way in order to reach the goal and fulfill destiny. This game is all about utilizing the potential power of your brain.

Players are divided into two teams; the green team consisting of Thundar, Driller and Bombur and the red team comprised of Silver Joe, Sparky and Squire. As the game progresses, you are to go through different levels and mine up different types of ores such as copper, brass, lead and silver in order to acquire the required amount of gold that you will later use to purchase gadgets and weapons for yourself and your seven avatar friends. The actual game play takes place onscreen and is quite captivating especially when you have the option of using either the keyboard or the mouse. All players can also take advantage of the support provided by the game’s interface with eight different bonus features which include the animated Minions, whose movement and activity can be controlled via the keyboard and the game also allows for four-player action.

In addition to all the exciting aspects of the game, there are other exciting aspects as well. For instance, as you progress through the different levels and mini-games you will be rewarded with animated figurines of Thundar, Driller and Bombur which will help further enhance your understanding of each character and unlock additional secrets. When it comes to the online versions of the game, all the graphics are provided through Flash and therefore, do not expect too many graphical bells and whistles, unless you intend to play the game using a modern computer. You will also have the opportunity of playing the wild West version in which you will have to choose between several different teams before going for the kill on the villainous Zillionaire villain, and you will also get to choose between three different scatters. The online version does allow you to play with other players who use the same avatar as you but that simply means that you cannot socialize with others using their real names.