Magic target deluxe


Magic Target Deluxe, a fresh take on an old classic fruit-slots arcade! Play as one of the Darts, a team of three bumbling robots who are hell bent on destroying each other before you. Each game in Magic Target Deluxe has several exciting features that will keep you coming back for more. This is a light hearted, silly, yet addicting game that will have you laughing far too hard long, until your next game. This fun game is great for people of all ages and those who do not easily get boring.

Look for:

-Free Spin Bonus! – Multiplayer Bonus! – destructiveness! – Bonus rounds! All these features will make this casino game so popular, that it will be heading to the top slot games list soon, and you can be there to grab the exclusive bonus codes!

In addition to these great features, Magic Target Deluxe has some other cool features that will make playing this great video slot machine fun and addictive. The reels for this slot machine change colors depending on which card is drawn. For example, the red reels will indicate that you are on the winning card when a red card appears. There are also rainbow icons that will appear on your screen indicating which direction you are spinning in when you are playing your favorite video slot games. Overall, if you are looking for an all out entertaining video slot game that will keep you laughing until the end, then this is the game for you!