Magic gate


Magic Gate is slightly less detailed than other slot games are, at least in its universe. That being said, however, the slot game still has a ton of great visual aspects. The large revolving reels, for example, are set inside of a very nice wood framed door, often times painted in gold and red. The walls surrounding the center of the room are painted a light green and gold scheme.

When you start playing this slot machine, you will notice that it comes with two different coins to collect. These coins are always in the bottom center, along with two coins in front of the skyline. The two coins are in a circular arrangement and the front one represents the “hot” spot on your reel, while the back one represents the “cold” spot. If you hit the hot spot, you get to keep the extra coin that was placed in front of the skyline.

There are tons of interactive features on Magic Gate. One of which is the two dimensional spinning top. This is an awesome feature, because it really makes this slot game fun to watch. It also adds some tension to the play because you have to decide quickly if you want to hit it. A nice addition to the spinning top is the coin-sequence button. Just press this button and a series of pictures will appear.

This particular game has two different play modes. The first is the timed game mode, where you must hit all of the red coins to win. The other mode is the random mode, where the reels randomly place the bonus symbols onto the reels. The bonus symbols add points to your score, so winning a specific amount of bonus symbols will drastically raise your score.

Aside from the big wins and the bonus symbols, there are also other small prizes scattered all over the board. The regular prizes here are coins and cups, and they change with each new game session. The cups give you the opportunity to earn extra coins, and you even have the chance to trade them in for other prizes as well. The downside is that these cups tend to break quite easily, so you need to be careful when using them. With the regular prizes, you have a good chance of getting at least one free coin each time, which is not bad at all.

Overall, Magic Gate is a nice online slot machine that offers a variety of exciting features. Most importantly though, it’s a nice way to earn some money while you sit at home. Unlike other slots that require you to stand in line and wait for the machines to come out, Magic Gate is an online game that can be played from your own computer. With this type of convenience, it’s no wonder that more people are turning to this slot machine every day. While it doesn’t have the same feel as playing traditional Chinese themed slot machines like the Lotto Star, it does have its own benefits.