Fruit fiesta


The colorful and fun fruit theme of the Fruit Fiesta gives this casino game an edge over similar offerings from other casinos. The odds that you will hit on a jackpot are generally higher than the ones found in other slot machines. Even if you end up not winning much, at least you will enjoy the time spent in front of the slots. This game is similar to the original in that there are bonus rounds and reels where credits are earned based on whether you hit on a jackpot or not. The odds are generally in favor of the machine paying out the large jackpot; however, a small portion of all spins is added to the bottom line to compensate for the random number generator.

Bonus rounds, which give players double the jackpot amounts if they hit all their bets, are not used in this version. You are also treated to an animated show as you watch the numbers generated by the slot machine tick away to reveal the fruit in the pot. Like in the original, winning requires hitting on a “jackpot” and the amount depends on what kind of number combinations are generated. The graphics are still pretty good and can even be adjusted to show seasonal fruit themes, like falling trees and falling leaves. There are several cheat codes that allow you to adjust the odds on specific machine types and playing limits, and the online version includes the same options.

The Fruit Fiesta slot machine is not recommended for beginners because it still requires a certain level of skill to be successful. Those who are familiar with online casino slots will find that the controls do not need to be learned and mastered in order to win. Instead, a little practice is all it takes to get acquainted with how to play the game so that you can start earning real money right away. With some practice, and the use of the downloadable demo, even veterans will have a chance at winning big from this game. It is a good idea to play the demo version when you first try out a slot machine in an online casino, to see if you really know how the system works and whether or not there are any flaws in the software.