Dragon’s fire


Dragons Fire is a slot game based on the very popular Dragon Quest game. In this slot game, you are required to save the princess of your land by collecting all the gold pieces available in the game. This game allows you to play with different kinds of dragons and their associated weapons, and you can even buy and sell them. This makes the game much more challenging because you need to think on your feet and not rely on a luck factor.

Dragons Fire has some unique slot game bonus features. One of these is the special dragon symbol that appears at the bottom right corner of your screen when you win a jackpot. This symbol indicates that you have collected x amount of coins. This is the only way to know if you have won a jackpot because there is no other way to tell if you have won or not.

Dragons Fire has some unique and fun game mechanics. You start the game by choosing one of several dragons that are featured in the game. After choosing your dragon, you click on it to make it jump. This move allows it to travel up and down the slots as it lands on them, and you have to predict where it will land on in order to collect coins along the way. When a dragon lands on an object in front of it, the icon that shows up on the screen will change into a skull, indicating that you have moved onto a ghost.

This slot game has some nice bonus features like the ability to change costume throughout the course of the game for the different costumes available. This helps to keep the gameplay fresh, and you can switch between various costumes without having to redo the entire screen. Also, the crisp graphics help to enhance the game play experience.

One of the best features of this Hot Slot Machine is the ability to get the power up bonuses as you progress through the game. For every five challenges you finish, you gain one point. These bonuses are not very big at first, but you build them up over time, and eventually you may be able to afford all of them. In fact, Dragons Fire offers great value for your money, and if you want to win a jackpot at a hot slot machine, then you should definitely check out this game with Dragon Fire.

Overall, Dragons Fire is a fun slot machine that offers some nice graphics and attractive bonuses. The graphics are fairly basic, but they are pleasant to look at. The bonus graphics are unique, and they make this version of Dragon’s Fire a fun addition to the genre. Play this slot machine when you get a chance, because you won’t likely find another that offers quite so much value for such a modest cost.